LSI Marine Construction Services on the Outer Banks, NC

Docks and Piers

New construction consists of 8” round diameter 2.5 CCA treated pilings that are jetted in the ground with a minimum of 10’ of embedment, treated framing bolted together with galvanized hardware, and #1 Grade decking secured with stainless steel screws.

Boathouses, Gazebos and Trellises

Roof systems over the water that provide shade and protection.

Landward Walkways and Decks

New construction for walkways through the marsh area & home decks with walkways to the waterfront
Kayak Launch Platforms and Storage – New construction of platforms that are low enough to the allow easy access for kayaking and kayak storage.

Hi-Tide Boatlifts and PWLs (installation, service and repair)

LSI is Hi-Tide’s authorized dealer of boat lifts ranging in lifting capacity from 1,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs. Hi-Tide also offers their Yacht Lifts for lifting capacity up to 90,000 tons. Hi-Tide’s patented one-piece sealed gear box provides customers with a cleaner, quieter, faster, and more durable solution to lifting their boat. LSI stocks parts and provides 24-48 hour emergency repair to our Outer Banks and Currituck boat lift clients.

Mooring boat slips and Mooring Anchors

Install new pilings for day slips and mooring anchors for jet skis.

Bulkheads and Retaining Walls (Timber and Vinyl)

Construct new timber and vinyl bulkheads that protect your waterfront property from erosion. Typical construction consists of round 2.5 CCA treated pilings, horizontal wales, treated marine grade sheathing or vinyl sheet panels, bolted with galvanized hardware, and tied back with galvanized anchor rods to 3’x3’ deadmen, facia board & decked cap piece. LSI is the only local company that provides a 20 year warranty against structural and material defects and any backfill loss due to leakage through the bulkhead.

Jetties, Groins, and Breakwaters (Timber and Vinyl)

Structures in the water that provide shoreline protection.

Shoreline Stabilization (Stone and Backfill)

Provide concrete or granite rip rap that protects your shoreline from erosion.

Ocean Dune Walkways (new construction and repair)

Construct ocean dune walkway that provide ocean front access.

Permit and Production CAD drawings

Provide complete plans and specifications for waterfront structures.

Permitting and Inspections (CAMA and local agencies)

Obtain the necessary permits, CAMA General Permit, CAMA Minor Permit, and local agency building permits and approvals to construct waterfront structures.

Project Design & Consulting

LSI will listen to what your dreams are for your own waterfront development; design the project; and construct the waterfront structures into a reality.

Project Management

LSI will provide management for your waterfront project.

Hurricane Preparation

LSI will provide hurricane preparation, which includes:

  • Secure your boat to your boat lift
  • Secure the boat lift to the pilings to ensure the boat & boat lift will not sway in the hurricane
  • Raise the boat up as high as possible
  • Remove any benches or tables from your pier or dock
  • Secure any items that are removable

Hurricane Recovery

LSI will provide hurricane recovery, which includes:

  • Damage assessment & inspection
  • Pictures of your waterfront property
  • Permit acquisition for exemption for repairs
  • Repair Estimate, if needed
  • Pump existing pilings and docks back into the sand if raised by water from hurricane
  • Deliver backfill behind bulkheads that lost backfill
  • Provide sandbags if needed to stabilize any leaks