“After sustaining substantial damage to our pier during Hurricane Irene we once again contracted with LSI to perform the needed repairs. And we are so thankful that we did. LSI had previously replaced some boat lift pilings and sistered some pilings on my pier and had done an excellent job. Those pilings came through Irene in pretty good shape. Not so with the original decking. Once again Scott came and spelled out exactly what needed to be done. No detail was overlooked. Then his excellent crew came and repaired my pier as promised in a very timely and professional manner. Honestly, the pier is in better shape now than it has ever been. Extra lag bolts, tie-downs and stainless steel screws made it stronger and tighter than it was before. I do not know who originally built the pier and boat lift, but it apparently was not LSI. If LSI had done the original construction I doubt I would have had the damage I did this time.”

Jim and Linda McQueen

“As usual, your organization did excellent work in re-leveling our Currituck Sound dock from damage by Hurricane Irene. The limited damage that we did suffer is a testament to the strength that your organization built into the dock when initially constructed some 7+/- years ago. The fact that we had no breakage or loss of boards as a result of Hurricane Irene’s storm surge three feet below our home is a testament to the strength and the quality of the construction your organization does. I am grateful not only for the quality construction initially done, but the repairs recently performed. It literally has no sign of damage after the dock was re-leveled. You are welcome to use my name as a reference or that of my construction manager, Lara Tyler Chambers.”

Webb L. Tyler
NorBanks -Jon Britt - Pier Addition 2012-05-02 11.48.03

“It has been a pleasure dealing with LSI in dealing with our bulkheads, breakwaters and docks. They installed a new ramp for us last year and strengthened up our bulkheads and they both survived Irene. They will also be repairing the pier (it got damage more due to age). The most impressive thing is that after the Storm, I called Scott to come and inspect our ramp and he was there within the hour and helped me solve the problem so that we could get the business back up and running. We will use LSI for all of our marine construction needs!”

Jon with Nor’Banks Sailing

“LSI Marine Construction built a dock for our property on Kitty Hawk Bay in the spring of 2011, and we were delighted at how well it held up during Hurricane Irene.  In spite of having been completely underwater there is only minor damage to the portion of it that is land-based, which is now tilted slightly.  The over-water portion has only cosmetic damage to the piling caps.  The jetties which they built for us some years ago are also intact.  This is a real testimony to the quality of their constructions!”

John Konnert

We want to thank you for the quality work and outstanding customer service that we have received from you and your company.  It was approximately 5 years ago that we decided to have you install a bulkhead in our backyard to protect and prevent beach erosion at our beach cottage in Collington Harbour.  We were very happy with the finish product.  However, it was only recently that we got a real chance to fully understand appreciate the quality of your work.”

In August of 2011, Hurricane Irene hit the Outer Banks and directly traveled up the sound.  High winds and violent waves crashed into and over the bulkhead.  Amazingly enough, not one board was lost or damaged.  The water washed out much of backyard and we were very concerned about lost income from our weekly rentals.  Your service once again exceeded our expectations.  You and your team came out right away and up our property restored in less than a week.  Your efficiency and quality work has saved our rental season.

Additionally, our communication has been pleasant and very professional.  It is hard to believe that we were able to get everything done without even having to make a trip from Richmond.  We value our relationship with you and whole-heartedly recommend your company to anyone that can utilize the services that you offer”.

Tom Garnett and Jane McDorman

“Our dock was destroyed by Hurricane Irene. We were at a loss about who to go to build our new dock. Going with LSI was the best decision we have made in home repairs. Their expertise, experience, and operation of their business is second to none. I admire our new dock and benches as a masterpiece! Thanks for all your hard work and efforts to make sure we were satisfied customers. Choose this company if you want excellent service and craftsmanship!!”

Tawyana Fleming and Ken Buck